Aaron Naparstek has written lots of Honkus.

Barbès is One Ring Zero’s favorite bar and music venue.

Barbès Records is the home of Chicha Libre, Hazmat Modine, Las Rubias Del Norte, One Ring Zero, Slavic Soul Party, and more.

Camp Joshua is a great place to make friends and memories.

Cassette From My Ex is a fun new website (and book) created by Jason Bitner (Found Magazine).

Chris Smith / Photography has taken lots of pictures of ORZ. Hire him for your next bar mitzva.

Claudia Gonson is ORZ’s manager. She also manages and performs with The Magnetic Fields, The 6th’s, and Future Bible Heroes.

Carlos Laviola (aka CLaviola) is a Debian package maintainer and translator for the Debian-BR project.

Clay McLeod Chapman is the author of Rest Area and Miss Corpus. He’s also the man behind “The Pumpkin Pie Show”.

Dave Egger’s world does not begin nor end with McSweeney’s, but it’s certainly worth investigating.

Daniel Handler is the author of The Basic Eight, Watch Your Mouth, Adverbsand the entire Lemony Snicket series.

Darin Strauss wrote the best selling novels Chang and Eng, The Real McCoy, and More Than It Hurts You.

Experimental Musical Instruments will teach you how to make your own unusual instruments.

Fiona Maazel wrote the text that runs below each song’s lyrics on the originial version of “As Smart As We Are.” She is also also makes short web movies about cheese. Oh, and she has a book called “Last Last Chance.”

Joe Pacheco is the director behind “As Smart As They Are: The Author Project” documentary film.

Jonathan Ames is the author of I Pass Like Night, The Extra Man, What’s Not To Love?, My Less Than Secret Life, Wake Up Sir! and the HBO series Bored to Death.

Jonathan Lethem’s novels include Motherless Brooklyn, and The Fortress of Solitude.

Joshua Camp Music is the official website of Joshua Camp.

Las Rubias Del Norte includes Olivier Conan and Allyssa Lamb, who both sing on “As Smart As We Are”.

Lindsay Blatt has been known to tour manage ORZ on occasion. She is also a professional photographer.

Margaret Atwood lives in Canada and has written over thirty-five books.

Michael Hearst also has his own website. Check out some of his other projects, including Songs For Ice Cream Trucks and Songs For Unusual Creatures.

Moor Works is One Ring Zero’s label in Japan. Buy a copy of Wake Them Up with much cooler art work than the American version.

Neil Gaiman has written such hits as American Gods, Coraline, The Sandman, and The Wolves In The Walls.

Paul Auster is the author of The New York Trilogy, Timbuktu, Oracle Night and many others. He also wrote the screen play for Smoke.

Planetary Records released ORZ’s first CD Trans Party. Check out the local music of Richmond, VA.

Nelly Reifler is one of the best living short-story writers. Go buy a copy of her book right now!

Shaun Irons + Lauren Petty have done lots of video work for ORZ. Check out their stuff.

Sockit Projects was founded by Sarah Sockit. She’s the packager and project manager for “As Smart As We Are”.

Soft Skull Press is the original publishing house behind “As Smart As We Are”.

Starr Foster / Dance Project holds strong in Richmond, VA. She’s the reason the ORZ album alice was created.

Virtual Label is headed by Peter Wright. He’s One Ring Zero’s business manager.

One Ring Zero – Endorsers

Artist Relations represents One Ring Zero for Damage Control, Dean Markley, Gallien-Krueger, IK Multimedia, Moog Music, and PMI Audio.

K & K Sound makes the best pickups, microphones, and preamps for acoustic instruments! Michael Hearst uses the Pure Classic pickup in his acoustic guitar.

Titano Accordions are use by Joshua Camp.

Audio Technica makes the best audio headphones! One Ring Zero uses ATH-M40’s in their studio.